“High intensity team basketball training for casual players”


You love basketball.

You played a lot when you were younger.

Now you play a little.

You feel sluggish on the court and your shot is a bit off because you only play one game a week.

You’d like to play more, but most of your friends
don’t have time and it’s too hard to organise another team
or find a free court.

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Designed for casual basketball players of all skill levels, Full Court Fitness is a group fitness activity based on a team training session.

Full Court Fitness uses basketball training drills to improve your cardio and core strength while providing you with game-like situations to practice your jump shots, lay-ups and defense - all in a social team environment.

Each session is 60 minutes and includes a variety of drills to test your fitness, shooting, defense, passing and overall game.

Training in a squad of 15-20 players, your Full Court Fitness team will work together to complete timed drills and scoring objectives.



If you can dribble, shoot and pass you are qualified. 

It does not matter what level of basketball you have played, as long as you've played in an organised competition at some point in your life, you can train with Full Court Fitness.



Every session begins with a
light 15 minute warm up to make sure you’re loose, stretched and ready to train.

The next 60 minutes of training  involves high intensity drills and scrimmages, followed by a
15-minute cool down session.



Full Court Fitness is about improving your fitness using basketball as a tool.

We won’t try to fix your jump shot or ball handling skills, but through repetition you will gain confidence in your existing skill set and feel faster and stronger on the court.



Season Six

Wednesdays 6.30pm to 7.30pm

21 August to 6 November

Lords Recreation Centre - 5 Wembley Court, Subiaco


Saturdays 12pm to 1pm

17 August to 9 November
(No session on 7 September)

Lords Recreation Centre - 5 Wembley Court, Subiaco


You can purchase season packages for either Saturday or Wednesday.
Session passes are not transferable to different days.

Season pass - $210  (access to all sessions during Season Four)

Six session pass - $130 (access to 6 sessions during Season Four)

Three session pass - $70 (access to 3 sessions during Season Four)

Casual pass - $25* (access to 1 session during Season Four).
*Cash payment only at any session

Payments can be made via PayPal or Credit/Debit Card.



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Public Holiday Pick-up

Date: Monday 30 September

Time: 9am to 11am

Location: Loftus Recreation Centre

Cost: $20


No team needed. Just purchase your ticket and join 50 players for two hours of full court 5-on-5 across three courts at Loftus Recreation Centre.

It’s simple:

Shoot for teams

First to 11 (scoring in twos and ones) holds court

People waiting have ‘next’

No refs, offense responsible for calling fouls

We’ve limited the amount of players to 50 to reduce wait times between games.

This isn’t a regular Full Court Fitness session. This is an un-organised pick-up basketball run. There’s no coaching or drills. It’s all 5-on-5.


More info: adam@fullcourtfitness.com | 0422 196 917


Adam Westerhout_Full Court Fitness.png

My name is Adam Westerhout and I created Full Court Fitness to replicate the work out and social experience from training in a basketball team.

When I stopped playing basketball at a competitive level (SBL/WABL), I found what I missed most was the feeling of being part of a team and the high intensity workouts I got from regular training sessions.

While I still play social basketball at a number of courts around Perth, I'm always looking for more opportunities to play - and as many of you can appreciate, finding the time and a free court can be difficult.

I created Full Court Fitness to connect like-minded individuals and take the hassle out of organising shoot-arounds or pick-up runs while adding the benefit of fitness training.

My goal with Full Court Fitness is to give you an edge when it comes to your regular weeknight games. Or just provide you with an outlet to get your basketball fix.


By profession I work in Public Relations and Media for not-for-profit health and aged care provider Silver Chain Group.

By vocation I’m involved in basketball as a National Basketball League Match Day Manager in Perth.

My basketball “career” if you could call it that, includes picking up a ball at the age of six and going through the WA junior basketball system.

As an adult I trained and played with the East Perth Eagles SBL and D-league teams.

These days, I continue to play wherever I can in social competitions across the Perth metropolitan area.

If you want to play more hoops, work on your fitness or just find a group of people to talk trash with, give me a call and we can get you down to the next Full Court Fitness session.